Prostate imaging may be required to assist in diagnosing prostate cancer and other prostatic patholgy. At Insite Radiology, our advanced MRI system offers high-resolution scans which can reliably determine the presence or absence of cancer and may prevent the need for a biopsy. When a biopsy is needed, the MRI can be used to target the worrisome area and greatly improve accuracy.


An MRI performed with the 3T multi-parametric high-resolution system at Insite Radiology is the gold standard in advanced prostate MRI scans, producing highly accurate, high definition images. The test may be used to look for cancer in someone who has an abnormal PSA test, determine the extent of disease in someone with known cancer, or evaluate the potential return of cancer in someone who has been treated.

Modern advances in technology make it possible, in many cases, to avoid a biopsy altogether. At Insite Radiology, we have equipped our modern, patient-centric clinic with the latest 3T MRI technology for high-resolution prostate scans. This approach offers excellent tissue contrast to identify the presence of cancer, without the stress of undergoing a biopsy first. If a biopsy is then required, our MRI technology makes it possible to direct the performance of the biopsy with a much higher level of accuracy.

The result is a highly accurate targeting system that demonstrates the precise location of a possible cancer so that doctors can see what was, only a few years ago, often invisible.


If prostate cancer is suspected, a biopsy may be required. With the assistance of a high-resolution prostate scan, a more refined, targeted biopsy is performed. At Insite, we use Dynacad software to fuse MRI and ultrasound images together to target potential prostate cancers in real time. The result is a highly-accurate targeting system that demonstrates the precise location of a possible cancer so that doctors can see what was, only a few years ago, often invisible. Our doctors were some of the earliest adopters of this technology and, as such, have acquired a level of experience with it that is exceedingly rare.

Some men may have elevated serum PSA levels, but a biopsy has not revealed any cancerous cells. A prostate MRI may reveal the presence of a tumor that could not be confirmed with a biopsy. Research into prostate cancer indicates that an MRI-directed biopsy can detect prostate cancer in between 34 to 41 percent of men who have a prior negative biopsy.



At Insite Radiology, we have equipped our imaging center with state-of-the-art 3T MRI imaging system that provides high-resolution images, along with greater patient comfort, as the tests take less time than those performed on standard testing equipment. The benefits for the patient include:

  • Reliable visualization of prostate cancers
  • Allows for a better selection of patients requiring a biopsy
  • Facilitates more accurate targeting of cancer lesions in a biopsy
  • Can detect cancers that were undetected with a prior biopsy
  • Can help evaluate the efficacy of treatment
  • More comfortable and less stressful for the patient, with shorter test time
  • Can help determine the stage of cancer to guide treatment options


There is no question that the process of identifying and treating prostate cancer can be very stressful. At Insite Radiology, we have established an imaging center with a new perspective. Our luxury, private center is located in St. Johns Center, Jacksonville, and was built to set a new standard in quality and comfort for medical imaging. We believe our patients deserve their treatment to be comfortable, swift, personalized, and discreet. Our advanced system allows for a faster test and greater comfort.

Rather than leaving the patient feeling like just another number, patients at Insite Radiology will be treated with personal care by the radiologist they expect – never a switch to an unknown provider at the last minute. We focus on patient comfort at our newly-built, private luxury facility, where tests are performed in an atmosphere of caring, healing, and dedicated care from our team of fellowship-trained radiologists.

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